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End to End Video System

We offer a fully secured video product for live streaming and control and management of content. Security is enabled for all devices using the manufacturer-developed DRM.

Our live streaming platform has a fully implemented and tested Digital Rights Management (DRM) system which has already been deployed in over one hundred live events. It has proven to be reliable and secure with some clients reporting that, along with the other measures, it has brought instances of piracy to zero.

This has been the culmination of six years of working with our clients to create the ultimate turnkey solution for football clubs and sporting organisations.

This is a single point software platform that can control every aspect of web activity and gives unparalleled control over your TV website and its content.

Some of the benefits are:

  • DRM Compatibility
  • Instant Web and Content Management
  • Full CDN Delivery Control
  • Workflow from Start to End on a Single Platform
  • Handle Live and VOD content
  • Access Controls
  • Remote Access Available
  • PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android Friendly
  • Secure RSA Available
  • All Scheduling and Region Blocking Controlled Internally
  • Anti-Piracy Systems

    As a company we have taken a unique approach to anti-piracy. Rather than a fragmented approach, we have developed multiple solutions and brought them into one video product. This has resulted in an incredible success rate of piracy blocking.

    Stream Digital have been working for the past five years on a suite of measures and software that when combined provides a very robust and solid solution to the on-going issue of live event security.

    Detect – Identify – Revoke

    VPN Blocking

    We check every session to identify VPN deployment. If detected, a warning appears on the users screen and the stream is denied until the VPN is disabled. This prevents pirates hiding their identity and users within a blocked region watching the content.

    Anti-Tamper Software

    We use a secure and reliable method of live checks during the event to establish if the code is being tampered with. This could be hackers trying to disable any of the watermarking or on-screen identifiers.

    It could also be an attempt to hack the DRM or pull the stream through another method. When interference is detected the stream is automatically disconnected and a notification is sent to the CMS to flag the user as a potential pirate.

    On-Screen ID of Users

    The biggest challenge to broadcasters is identifying re-streamers.

    DRM only works to remove the straightforward ways to steal content. It is pointless if you allow the screen capture re-streaming or any other method of pushing a copy online.

    We looked at this problem and broke it down into three stages.

  • Identifying the location of the stream (what site is it on)
  • Identifying the source of the stream (which user is pushing it)
  • Building measures in to deal with the pirate and prevent any recurrence
  • We have built our secondary system around these three stages. We identify by using our tracking system, we find the source by our onscreen identifiers and we kill the session using the revoke feature and the tools in our Videobloc CMS prevent them re-subscribing by tracking their details and blocking their accounts.


    Additional Services

    Videobloc is a Content Management System (CMS) that handles everything from video delivery to anti-piracy.

    We built our platform from the ground up after finding that no single platform could deal with all the requirements of the club we were working with at the time.

    Over time we have expanded on our system resulting in what we believe to be the most powerful and feature rich platform for licence holders on the market, specialising in live video delivery, video on demand and everything in between.

    Good Working Partnerships are Hard to Find

    We have strived over the last ten years to do the very best for all our clients and partners and are still working with all of them. We have never lost a client during that time.

    We have always tried to deliver new and interesting ideas in the work we do. We have built up close working relationships and hope to continue these into the future.

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